“Defeating Depression” by Stacy J. Brimhall


Author Bio: Stacy J. Brimhall is a dedicated husband to his wife of 27 years. Together, they raised five children to be responsible, happy and well-adjusted young adults. A successful Arizona business owner, Stacy is known for his sound business decisions and his keen sense of what makes a good deal. He has made significant contributions to his church and community as well—and has done it all while battling debilitating depression and anxiety stemming from mental illness. Perhaps his greatest success—other than his family he is so proud of—is his dogged determination to never give up, along with his willingness to now pass on his story and the keys he discovered. Stacy tells, in a personal, poignant and extremely insightful way, how he dealt with the horrors of his disease, and how certain friends and loved ones rallied around him, even while others pulled away.

Book Info: Depression can be debilitating, driving sufferers to suicide or so taxing the body that it can lead to disease and early death. But, it doesn’t have to be that way, says author Stacy Brimhall. “Defeating Depression” is a personal, insightful look at how he has dealt with the horrors of his own genetic and situational depression. Determined to change the pattern that has led many to suicide, Stacy offers four “mind ingredients” that helped him battle back. These ingredients and his practical, determined approach can help others as well, providing tools will help them to not only survive mental illness, but to experience true joy. “Defeating Depression” offers hope and understanding for the loved ones of those who suffer with mental illness as well.

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